About Rizzy

Richard Humbles, better known as producer, songwriter, and occasional rapper RizzyBeats. The 19 year old producer grew up as a fan of music through a huge influence by his father who was also an enormous fan of music. His first introduction to music was 80s New Wave, Funk, Soul, and R&B. That's where Rizzy got his love for music and where his roots lay when sampling for beats. He cites 9th Wonder as one of his biggest influences musically and as his main inspiration for being a producer seeing as he, too, is a hip-hop producer from North Carolina. He's made three of his own instrumental projects, the Fantastic Voyage series, and a collaborative mixtape with California based rapper Thesis, with whom he initially met in 8th grade. The two are currently working on another mixtape currently titled The Start Of Something New. This project should be out in the Fall of 2013.


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